An Interview with Matt Daniels
(Writer / Director / Producer)

Powerless Strikes at the heart of most people’s fears. Imagine the world that you and I know suddenly changed. All the things we rely on every day – light, heating, TV… the fuel in our cars, the infrastructure of our country…. It all relies on one thing… electricity. Take that away and you have chaos” – Matt Daniels

Sounds like the perfect formula for the typical dry disaster movie, right? Well this is where you’d be wrong and where Matt Daniels earns his accolade from Review Magazine as a “budding cinematic genius”.
What really intrigued Matt wasn’t what everyone else in Hollywood sees when they think of national crisis and disaster; he wanted to look at life before, during and after the disaster… life for real individuals, life for a real family. How do they cope, how do they survive?
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