When Rebekah Knowles woke up this morning she knew who she was, where she was going and who here friends were…things change…

In the near future the proliferation of electronic identification has brought identity theft to an all time high. The use of stolen personal data for organised crime has become rife. In a quest to stem the tide, western governments have come together to propose unified measures to combat what has become a threat to personal and national security. S.I.S.T.E.R was born, a system based entirely on the use of biometric data to prove identity. One unified system holding the genetic data of every registered individual. No longer is identity in the hands of the thief or the hacker, identity is controlled, you are who you say you are… or who the system says you are…

S.I.S.T.E.R is a new SCI-FI Action Thriller under development by
This Can Motion Pictures
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  SISTER Copyright This Can Motion Pictures (This Can LTD) 2010 - Story, Characters and Imagery Copyright Matthew Daniels & Seth Wilkins 2010